July 24

Wink – Tutorial Creation and Presentation Software

I love programs that make creating projects like tutorials and presentations easy and fun.  Wink is just such a program.

winkWink is a free application that is packed with features geared towards allowing you to make a professional quality tutorial or presentation.

Wink’s most impressive feature is the screen capture option.  You can capture the entire screen or just one region.  Wink will create slides of your on-screen activity.  The number of slides created will be based upon your framerate settings and the length of time you are capturing.  After you capture your screens, you can then add various items to go along with your show.  You can add …

  • A variety of text boxes
  • A variety of shapes
  • Graphic fils (JPG, PNG, GIF, etc)
  • Audio Files
    You can record audio during the capture process or add it during the editing process.

Once the editing is complete, you can render the output file as a Flash  file (SWF) for distributing over the web, as an Executable file (EXE), or as a PDF file.

Wink can be a valuable tool for tutorials.  I used Wink several years ago while I was working as a Support Analyst.  We recorded several tutorials of common tasks for new users of our company’s accounting software.

See more details and download the file here.

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