July 26

Web Site Resource – Howstuffworks.com

Howstuffworks.com is one of my favorite websites for material for my tech lessons.  The site, now run by the Discovery Channel, covers a wide area of topics such as  Animals, Communications, Computers, Geography, Health, Money, Science, and many others.  Since I teach Information Technology, I mostly stick to the section of the website covering computers at computer.howstuffworks.com.

The Computer Section covers topics involving hardware, peripherals, security, software, and the internet.  Some topics contain several pages of information while others may only contain one or two paragraphs.  The material is put together professionally and accurately.  I have yet to come across a computer topic that had any obvious inaccuracies.  Howstuffworks.com is a staple in my list of web resources.  I usually end up using their website as a lesson supplement at least twice a month.

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