September 30

Online Presentations – 280 Slides

pIf you are looking for a easy to use and FREE online presentation option for creating, editing, and sharing your Powerpoint slideshows, check out 280 Slides./p p280 Slides allows you to create an online slideshow from scratch using their web-based interface.#160; You also have an option of importing existing Powerpoint slideshows into your 280 Slides Account.#160; Once you have finished editing / creating your slideshows, you have a variety of options for sharing the slideshow via the internet.#160; Another option I love about 280 Slides is the ability to save your slideshows as Powerpoint 2003, Powerpoint 2007, and Open Office Impress files to your computer.#160; This is particularly beneficial for students who create their presentations, but may not have access to internet-connected PCs when presenting their slideshow.#160; This is also beneficial to those who do not like trusting the quot;cloudquot; for storing all of their files./p

September 25



RocketDock is an innovative menu tool for Windows.  Once installed, your version of Windows will have a smooth, animated application launcher.  Applications can be minimized to the Dock and Vista users will see animated previews of apps residing in the dock.

Check out more details here.

September 22

Fun Facts about the Periodic Table

If you are looking for an interesting website about the Periodic Table, check out The Periodic Table of Videos.  This is a site from the University of Nottingham.  When you click on an element in the Periodic Table, you are treated to a video clip describing interesting facts about that element.  The only drawback I see is that they use Youtube for their video clips.  If your school district is like mine, Youtube is blocked by an internet filter.

It is a very interesting site.  I am not a chemistry teacher.  I avoided chemistry in school.  However, I loved going through the elements to learn about each one’s properties and uses.

EDIT:  I found a link on their site for those who have Youtube blocked by a filter.