December 20

Another Online Office Suite Solution

Over the years, several free alternatives to Microsoft’s Office Suite have come on the scene.  We have great computer-based applications, such as OpenOffice, and we have online options like Google Documents.  Zoho is another online-based alternative to MS Office.

Zoho currently contains online options for Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Notes, Wiki, and email.  So far, I have only used their Presentation App, Zoho Show.  Zoho Show allows you to either create a presentation online or upload an existing Powerpoint presentation.  Once your presentation is published, you then have the option of sharing it with others.

December 2

Easy Internet Broadcasting with Ustream

Are you looking for an option for live broadcasting over the internet?  Check out is a free service that makes it extremely easy to get started with your own Internet Broadcast.  These “Netcasts” are available to be viewed from Ustream’s website or from any website that alllows the embedding of their Flash-based viewer.  All you need is a broadband internet connection, a decent quality webcam or firewire connected digital camcorder, and an idea.  Ustream also has a record option to record the netcasts for playing back later.  I have used Ustream to broadcast school events and a few classroom projects.