May 9

Apps I Love … Evernote

As part of my "almost" paperless classroom project, I have been using Evernote for a couple of years.  About a year ago, I had been deciding between Evernote or Microsoft’s OneNote for my preferred note taking application.  I had been leaning towards OneNote for my personal notes.  I love how OneNote will record audio and help link the audio recordings to notes.  I also love OneNote’s interface with the side-tabs and drag and drop capturing of work.

When Evernote 3 came out, I quickly began leaning towards Evernote.  First, Evernote is Free; OneNote is not.  Evernote supports cloud computing with its web-based account synchronization; OneNote does not.  Evernote has a portable version for USB drives; OneNote does not.  Evernote has Windows Mobile and iPhone versions; OneNote does not.  This list goes on for features in Evernote, but not in OneNote.  So far, the one missing feature that I occasionally use with OneNote is the recording of audio while entering a note.  Hopefully, this feature will make its way into an upcoming Evernote update.

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1 thoughts on “Apps I Love … Evernote

  1. Tim

    I’m currently researching usage of Evernote by teachers with a view of presenting at a local TeachMeet in October. Do you still use Evernote? How do you use it each week with teaching?

    I also miss the audio and text linking feature from onenote, but hopefully an app will be released this year via the Trunk.

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