May 9

Twiddla – Online Whiteboard Tool

Twiddla is a free collaboration tool where you set up meetings using an online whiteboard interface.

Twiddla meetings allow users to interact in real time with drawing tools, chat, voice, images, videos, plain text, documents, emails, and GoogleMaps.  Twiddla records the chats in your meeting so you can review a transcript later.  Also, you can view a replay of everything that was drawn / added to the whiteboard during the meeting.  As the creator of the meeting, you have the option of clearing the transcripts and replays of the meeting.  So, it appears that you can re-use the same meeting URL over and over.

The FAQ section on compares itself directly to Webex.  Some of the differences between Twiddla and Webex mentioned in the FAQ are:

  • Twiddla is free
  • No Browser Plug-ins
  • Meetings are public and open to anyone at anytime
  • Chat and Voice are available in the meetings

Twiddla’s free accounts only allow public meetings.  You will have to upgrade to a pay account for private and encrypted meetings.

One major advantage I see in using Twiddla is that there are no browser plug-ins required, so teachers and students will not have to add any updates in order to jump in and join a meeting.  I am planning on using Twiddla as a storyboard tool for my upcoming multimedia classes.

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