May 30

QNext … Three-way Video Conferencing

Recently Oovoo changed their free plan to effectively kill off three-way video conferencing, choosing to offer only two-way video for free users.  Many users (including myself) have decided to stay with Skype for two-way video calls.  After all, Skype has a much larger user base than Oovoo.  Of course, Oovoo had a good chance of catching up to Skype if they had not pulled the questionable move that they did. 

Now that my Oovoo rant is over, let’s look at another conferencing service that looks promising … Qnext.

Qnext is basically another free messaging application.  They have their own client to connect to their service in the same manner as AIM, MSN Messenger, etc.  Qnext lists several features on their website such as a Universal Messenger that connects to AIM, Jabber, ICQ, GoogleTalk, Yahoo, and others, File and Photo Sharing, Voice, and Three-Way Video Conferencing.  This last option is what grabbed my attention.  Hopefully, Qnext will continue to offer this option with their service.  I plan on posting the results of using it with students when classes start back.

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