June 30

Microsoft’s Basic (and Free) Antivirus Application

This month, Microsoft released the Beta version of their Security Essentials Antivirus program.  It runs on Windows XP and Vista.

Security Essentials has a basic and clean interface that should not intimidate the novice pc user. 

Overall, I have been pleased with Security Essentials.  Of the two older XP based PCs I have tried out with Security Essentials, neither has had any noticeable slowdown.  

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June 17

Wallwisher – Online Notice Board Maker

Wallwisher.com is a great site for creating an online bulletin board.  Boards can easily be created by posting sticky text notices, photos, weblinks, and more.  Creators of the wall can either keep their wall private (for todo lists and personal notes) or invite others to view and collaborate with the wall by posting their own sticky notes.

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June 2

DropUpload – A Great Little Free App for quickly upload a file via FTP

DropUpload is a simple Open Source application I ran across for quickly uploading files to a FTP server.  Occasionally, I need to upload a few files via FTP from a computer that does not have an FTP Client (Filezilla).  DropUpload comes in handy, because it runs from as a portable app from my USB drive. 

With DropUpload, I can setup the FTP server info and then drag and drop the file into the program to upload it.

Another nice option is that I can add my server information in a protected setup in which the login information is hidden and encrypted.  Then give this to others who will need to upload files to my server.  The users do not see the FTP login name or password. 

Get DropUpload here.