June 8

10 Options for Online File Hosting / Storage

Various online files storage sites have been appearing on the web (cloud) for the past couple of years.  Today, I was reading up on a couple of them After a few minutes, I  decided that there are too many available to just mention one or two of them.  Here is a list of ten services that offer free storage.

  • Windows Live Skydrive
    Microsoft’s File Storage that accompanies its Live.com service.  Each user is allotted 25gb.

  • Drop Box
    Download Dropbox’s app to see stored files in an online folder.  Users of the free version get 2gb.

  • Adrive
    Users get 50gb of storage with a drag and drop interface from your desktop to their service.  Files can be shared with others and used with Zoho’s Editor.

  • Humyo
    Free users get a total of 10gb of storage.  They get 5gb for media files and 5gb for non-media files. 

  • Drop.io
    They describe themselves as “Simple real-time sharing, collaboration, and presentation.”  This looks more like it is geared for quick sharing of an individual file (up to 100mb in size) with others.

  • Spider Oak
    Free users get 2gb of storage.

  • Mozy Home
    Free users get 2gb of storage.

  • SugarSync
    Free users get 2gb of storage.

  • Box.net
    Lite (free) users get 1gb of storage with 5 collaborative folders.
  • Ubuntu One
    For Ubuntu 9.04 or higher users.  Free users get 2gb.

Obviously, there are trust and availability issues with keeping your files in the cloud.  Of the ones listed above, I have only personally used Skydrive, Adrive, and Dropbox.  However, I have not tested any of them extensively enough to recommend any one service over the others.  Although, this may make an interesting project for the next school year. 

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