July 31

Flexbook looks to help make textbook materials more affordable.

Are you interested in free textbooks? Flexbooks may just help stir the waters of the expensive course material domain.  Flexbooks are basically open source textbooks. Flexbooks are part of an initiative by the CK-12 Foundation to help lower the cost of textbook materials.  The CK-12 Foundation has partnered with several experts from education and the tech industry to create a website and system that should be around for a while. 


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July 30

Why Spam will not go away anytime soon.

I just read an article from Ars Technica stating that 12% of all email users have tried to  buy something from  spam.

A survey was conducted by the Massaging Anti-Abuse Working Group of 800 individuals who have email that is not controlled by an I.T. Department.

Apparently 48% of those surveyed have never clicked on a link in spam or replied to spam. 12% of those surveyed actually were interested in purchasing the items mentioned in the spam.  6% responded to see what would happen.  13% did not know why they responded to the spam.

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July 29

So, you want to be a writer? Check out Webook.

Webook.com is a website where just about anyone can have a book published online.  On Webook, you can write your own material, rate others’ materials, and collaborate on group projects.  If Webook chooses your book to be published, you receive 50% royalties of the profits from the sales of  your book. 

I have just started a project.  As I have time, I intend to write a short How-to manual and see how the experience goes.


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