August 3

Case Study Opportunity … Radio Shack s Name Change

On August 6, Radio Shack will be changing its in store name to “The Shack”.  The corporate name will remain “Radio Shack”.  The rebranding is intended to breath life back into the retail chain. 

I can see this as an opportunity for Business and Marketing classes to follow  Radio Shack’s rebranding and study the results at the end of the school year.  It will be interesting to see what other strategies will be involved along with the name change.

Personally, if the name change is the only strategy, then I feel it will be a huge dud.  The article in the Dallas Morning News quotes Radio Shack as comparing themselves to other companies with nicknames (Coke and FedEx) and stating that they have been nicknamed “The Shack” by customers for a long time.  I am a little amused at this statement.  As someone who spent 8 years in retail locations that were almost always near a Radio Shack, I have never heard Radio Shack referred to as “The Shack”.  Maybe its a nickname used outside of the Southeast.  I do, however, hope their strategy works for them.

Read the entire Dallas Morning New Article here.

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