August 3

My dream tablet computer

I keep hoping that the tablet market will continue to develop and improve.  So far, I have not been impress with the units that have been offered.  Years ago, when I was working with my Z-pda (Zoomer), I had hoped to see the PDAs get a little larger and more useful.  For a while, HP had some WinCE units, but the WinCE market never took off as an O/S platform.  With the rumors about Apple’s probable entry into the tablet market, I started thinking of exactly what I would love to see in a tablet.

First, I would prefer a Windows XP or Windows 7 compatible unit with a large (but affordable) SSD drive (at least 60gb).  Next, places for two SD cards.  Also, at least three USB ports, and an external VGA port. Built in Webcam the swiveled from front to back.  There would be built in microphon and a small speaker, acks for external microphone and speakers, and built in bluetooth and Wifi adapters.  The overall size would be about the same size of a folded HP Mini.

The O/S is not as important as long as it is not some obscure O/S with very little compatibility with commercial apps.  For this reason, I would prefer a WinXP or Win7 unit.


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