August 8

Easily Dual Install Ubuntu on a Win XP Machine

I use Windows XP in most of my lessons.  However, my students do occasionally use Linux (usually Ubuntu or Fedora) as part of their lessons.  In the past, I have had a couple of dedicated Ubuntu computers for the students to use when they needed to work with Linux.  I did not like having those computers sitting idle most of the time.  I had tried using dual boot options when installing Ubuntu, but I did not like the complexity of the steps.  Mostly due to my own fault, my dual-boot installations always had something that did not go just right.  I don’t have to worry about this with Wubi.

Wubi is a Windows-based Ubuntu Installer.  If your computer can run Windows XP, has a 1ghz or faster processor, and has 5gb of available hard drive space, Wubi makes installing Ubuntu along side Windows a snap.  Just download the Wubi Installer and run it.  The installer will ask for the installation size, the location for the installation, and a few other standard questions.  Then the Ubuntu download and installation begins.  Ubuntu will be installed into a single file on your Windows XP hard drive.  Uninstalling Ubuntu is done through the Windows Control Panel (Add/Remove Programs), just like any other Windows App.  When you start your computer, you will then have the option to run Windows or Ubuntu.  Its that easy.

Get the Wubi Installer here.


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