November 30

Great 3D Modeling Software for free – Sculptris

Sculptris is a free, fun piece of software that lets anyone easily create a 3D model.  Playing around with Sculptris is like being given a virtual lump of clay to create whatever you can imagine.  Sculptris is incredibly easy to use.  Within 5 minutes of trying it out, I was creating all sorts of shapes, faces, and creatures. 

Sculptris’ easy-to-use tools plus the many Youtube tutorials will help you quickly get started towards making your first 3D model masterpiece.

The program runs without installation, so you can try it out without worrying about having to install yet another program.

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November 23

Microsoft and Barbie Team Up

Microsoft and Barbie are teaming up to encourage more girls to look at tech careers.

Microsoft showed off the “Computer Engineer Barbie” at its  Digigirlz Summit.  According to Microsoft, on 18% of women choose computer engineering career paths.  Only 10% of current engineers in the U.S. are women. 

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November 21

Google Voice App finally in iTunes

This past week, I read some good news that the Google Voice App finally has made it into the iTunes App Store. 

Moments after downloading the App, I got the bad news.  The Google Voice App is only for iPhones.  For reasons currently unknown, Google has left out iPod Touch (and iPad) support for the App.  Hopefully, Google will release an update of their native App for iPod Touch and iPAd support.  Until then, the Google Voice Web App works fairly well and will have to suffice.

November 21

The Google Liquid Galaxy

In keeping with my Google-themed posts for today, here is some info on Google’s Liquid Galaxy Project.

Google engineers have combined their Google Earth Package with 8 High Definition monitors to deliver a stunning experience where the user steps inside a chamber of monitors and is fully immersed into the Google Earth Experience.

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November 21

Google is Kicking off another Coding Contest

Google’s Code-In 2010 Contest kicks off tomorrow (November 22, 2010).  The contest is aimed at high school students.  The contest will challenge the participants in areas such as Working with Open Source Code, Writing Documentation and Training Materials, and Researching the Needs of Participating Organizations.

The tasks outlined by Google include …

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