January 10

The big drawback of using “free” online resources

This week, I was searching for video hosting / sharing options with privacy options.  I found several references to VidMe.  Everything I read about VidMe looked promising, including their option of preventing others from forwarding privately marked videos.

"(V)ideos shared using VidMe work only for the intended recipient and cannot be forwarded, downloaded or become viral without the video owner’s approval…Links to videos shared using VidMe work only for the intended recipient and become inoperable if they are forwarded to anyone else."

Unfortunately, when I visited their site this week, I found a message stating that as of 10/12/10, Vidme has disabled the uploading of videos and that all videos have been permanently deleted.  I cannot find any more information on the web about the reason for the shut down. 

The internet is a wonderful source of information and tools we can use in the classroom.  Daily, I find a new tool that can be useful in my classroom or a collegue’s classroom in some way.  However, many of these tools either cease to exist after a while(VidMe), get bought out and taken down by the new owners (DimDim), or adopt a prohibitive pricing model to be useful to most of us in the classroom (Ning). 

If you find a resource that you love and use on a regular basis, be prepared to have a backup plan in place in case you go to log in and find that your favorite online tool is no longer available.

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