February 4

Wetoku – Free Web-based Conferencing


Recently, I was asked to help a colleague broadcast her class to a group of teachers meeting at another location.  The leader of the off-site group preferred using Skype, so we went with that option, but I decided to look into better choices for future broadcasts.  Skype is a great tool for a two-way conference, but it required the teacher to either have someone man a the computer with Skype and the camera to make the call or to accept the incoming call, or to stop teaching to personally go to the computer to do the same.

I came across Wetoku.  Wetoku allows quick and easy one way to create a video conference.  You have the option of making the broadcast public to anyone, or protecting the video with a password.  Broadcast options include a live broadcast of your video, or creating an interview broadcast with an interviewee’s camera in addition to your camera.  Recordings of the interview broadcasts will show the two cameras side by side.

Wetoku has a premium plan in the works with higher resolution video, video download options, and Youtube upload options.  However, this supposedly has been in the works since 2009, so who knows when the Pro options will be available and what they will cost.  Also, their website has very little info about the time limits for videos, size limits for stored videos, etc.  These makes me wonder about the long-term availability of Wetoku.  After all, several free sites have gone away in recent months (Present.io and DimDim).  For now, click here to try it out and hope it does not fade away or get bought out & shut down like other great online tools.

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