March 29

ASK3 App is shutting down

Another useful app for the classroom is shutting down. Techsmith will be shutting down the ASK3 App this summer.  According to their blog, they will continue to keep Ask3 in the Appstore until June in order to give teachers who are using it the opportunity to continue using through the end of the school year.  By August 2014, they will be purging their online storage for the app.



March 29

Cool Project Idea – Make a Customized Operation Game

I’m always looking for interesting hands-on projects to use for engaging my students.  I ran across this page at about making your own customized Operation game.  The project requires the use of several tools that are not readily available in my classroom and probably not available in most, but finding someone to loan the tools might be a viable option.

I can see this type of project working in several subject areas.  Here is an example of how far a little creativity can take this idea.

March 27

Kahoot – Game-Based Student Response System


Kahoot is a different type of web-based Student Response System.  While most student response systems just pop up questions for students to answer via their devices, Kahoot takes the quiz game approach.  Students become actively engaged in the questions and compete to get the correct responses.

Check out this video and the link below to give Kahoot a try.

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March 27

Online Fake Newspaper Creator

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 11.52.53 PM

This cool web app will let you create a fake newspaper with a photo, tagline, and article.  The app then fills in the rest of the newspaper with misc items to complete the fake newspaper.

Teachers can use it to highlight student achievements or students can use it as part of their projects.

The service comes in free and premium versions.  The free version offers enough options to cover most classroom uses.  The fake paper is created as a downloadable PDF.

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March 26

Geddit – Formative Assessment Tool


Geddit is a new web based tool for getting feedback from students a for performing formative assessments during lessons. Students can use any web enabled device from classroom computers / laptops to tablets & phones.

Check out Geddit here. Be sure to run through the online demo lesson to get a good understanding of how their system works.