May 7

Google is looking at getting into the Classroom

Today, Google announced their Google Classroom LMS.  Its still very early and not much information exists about Google’s entry into the Learning Management System neighborhood.  They do have some details about signing up for their Beta test and an assurance that Google will not be placing ads into their LMS.  Click here for more information from Google’s Blog.

It will be interesting to see how Google Classroom affects the established LMS’s such as Moodle, Instructure, and Edmodo.

March 29

ASK3 App is shutting down

Another useful app for the classroom is shutting down. Techsmith will be shutting down the ASK3 App this summer.  According to their blog, they will continue to keep Ask3 in the Appstore until June in order to give teachers who are using it the opportunity to continue using through the end of the school year.  By August 2014, they will be purging their online storage for the app.



November 21

Google Voice App finally in iTunes

This past week, I read some good news that the Google Voice App finally has made it into the iTunes App Store. 

Moments after downloading the App, I got the bad news.  The Google Voice App is only for iPhones.  For reasons currently unknown, Google has left out iPod Touch (and iPad) support for the App.  Hopefully, Google will release an update of their native App for iPod Touch and iPAd support.  Until then, the Google Voice Web App works fairly well and will have to suffice.