May 9

Apps I Love … Evernote

As part of my "almost" paperless classroom project, I have been using Evernote for a couple of years.  About a year ago, I had been deciding between Evernote or Microsoft’s OneNote for my preferred note taking application.  I had been leaning towards OneNote for my personal notes.  I love how OneNote will record audio and help link the audio recordings to notes.  I also love OneNote’s interface with the side-tabs and drag and drop capturing of work.

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April 29


Its been a while since I have posted about Twitter.  I the past 9 months, Twitter has seen a huge jump in popularity.  Recently, a lot of celebrities and network news organizations have jumped on the Twitter bandwagon and brought even more attention to Twitter.  Now, its hard to go a day without seeing a news show on FoxNews or CNN mention their Twitter page.

When I eventually decided to join Twitter, I was not sure how useful the service would be for me.  I mainly saw Twitter as a useful tool for communicating a quick message within a group, company, or class about an upcoming meeting or task.  Now, I see Twitter as a way of networking with other like-minded users.  For example, I have started using one of my Twitter accounts to keep up with others interested in using technology in education.

For more info on Twitter, click here to read Twitter’s explanation or look below to see Common Craft’s “Twitter in Plain English” video.

November 29

Grrrr…The Latest WordPress Update Broke my Offline Blog Editing

Generally, I use either Microsoft’s Live Writer or the Firefox Scribefire plug-in for my writing my blog posts.  Yesterday, I upgraded my WordPress installation.  The upgrade went smoothly on the website, but my offline blog editors no longer work properly.  Entries I created with Windows Live Writer and Scribefire are not inserting images properly and add garbage code to my posts.  So, for now, I am back to editing my posts through WordPress’ adminstration screens. <sigh>

July 25

My list of Topics keeps growing

Over the past few days, I thought I was making a dent in the amount of posts I need to make to clear all of the older topics off my todo list.  Then, today, I just added 20 more items that I think I need to cover in the next couple of weeks.  I guess that is the problem with blogging about tech stuff.  There is never a shortage of things to discuss when technology is involved.

July 17

Introduction to RSS

By now most of you have heard of RSS or have seen the RSS logo / icon on a website.  It is difficult to find a professional website that does not have an RSS Feed option.  This entry will attempt to explain what RSS is and how you can benefit from using RSS feeds for your own website and for getting content from other websites.

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July 17

Another Great Blogging Tool

ScribeFire – Fire Up Your Blogging!

I have written about Windows Live Writer a couple of times. It is a great blogging tool.

I have recently found another great blogging tool, Scribfire. Scribefire is a Firefox extension that allows you to right-click on a website and blog about that site. In addition, Scribefire places an icon in the lower right corner of your Firefox screen. Clicking on this icon will bring up the Scribefire editing window.

The Scribefire editor allows you to enter the blog entry without logging into your blog. I am actually writing this blog entry using Scribefire.

Other features include, inserting images and media files. Like Windows Live Writer, Scribefire handles saving drafts for later editing & publishing, tags, and categories.

Click here to download Scribefire.