January 10

The big drawback of using “free” online resources

This week, I was searching for video hosting / sharing options with privacy options.  I found several references to VidMe.  Everything I read about VidMe looked promising, including their option of preventing others from forwarding privately marked videos.

"(V)ideos shared using VidMe work only for the intended recipient and cannot be forwarded, downloaded or become viral without the video owner’s approval…Links to videos shared using VidMe work only for the intended recipient and become inoperable if they are forwarded to anyone else."

Unfortunately, when I visited their site this week, I found a message stating that as of 10/12/10, Vidme has disabled the uploading of videos and that all videos have been permanently deleted.  I cannot find any more information on the web about the reason for the shut down. 

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August 5

Free Moodle Hosting

These past weeks, I have talked to several people inquiring about using Moodle.  This summer, I attended a conference where the facilitator of a workshop attempted to sell people on the benefits of Moodle (although he never really explained what Moodle was & implied that it was an app you run from your local hard drive like MS Office).  Anyway, some school systems around here are actually getting on board with Moodle.  It looks like word is finally getting out about this free LMS (Learning Management System).  If you are not familiar with Moodle, check out this earlier T4T post.

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April 28

Share your presentations online

If you need to share your presentations online, you have several options.  Here is a short list of the ones I have used…

There are dozens of others, but these are the ones that I have actually tried out.  Currently my to favorites are Slideshare.net and Zoho’s Show.  I just spent a few minutes playing with Prezi.com.  It actually takes a different approach to presentations.  I don’t have a lot of time right now to experiment with it, but it is definitely a page I am addint to my Social Bookmarks.

December 20

Another Online Office Suite Solution

Over the years, several free alternatives to Microsoft’s Office Suite have come on the scene.  We have great computer-based applications, such as OpenOffice, and we have online options like Google Documents.  Zoho is another online-based alternative to MS Office.

Zoho currently contains online options for Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Notes, Wiki, and email.  So far, I have only used their Presentation App, Zoho Show.  Zoho Show allows you to either create a presentation online or upload an existing Powerpoint presentation.  Once your presentation is published, you then have the option of sharing it with others.

October 14

Google looks to take on Wikipedia

Google is branching out again.  This time, they have launched a competitor to Wikipedia.  Google has launched Google Knol.  Google opened the service to a “public beta” in July 2009 with a few hundred articles.  Since then, their database of articles has gradually grown.  Its hard to say whether this will be a Wikipedia-killer or not.  However, Google will supposedly be verifying that individual accounts are legitimate before allowing permission to create new articles.