February 28

Skype Getting Serious as a Networking Tool for Teachers


Skype has introduced their new Skype in the Classroom initiative aimed at helping Teachers using Skype connect in a new social networking feature on their website.

While it has been around for over seven years, and many of us teachers have used Skype for a while as a means of connecting with each other in a variety of ways, Skype has not offered an easy method for teachers to connect. Previously, teachers have had to rely on education blogs and forums for finding colleagues and subject area experts for their link-ups. With Skype in the Classroom, finding fellow teachers in similar areas is now quite a bit easier.

Click here to signup for the beta version of Skype in the Classroom.

February 6

Real-Time Collaborative Diagram Creation


Cacoo is a web-based diagram drawing tool that allows real-time collaboration for three simultaneous users with their free account.  The offer a paid account with more features and more users.

If you are looking for an easy to use diagram drawing tool that allows real-time editing from multiple users, check out Cacoo here.


February 2

LucidChart – Online Flow Charting Tool


Lucidchart is a web-based Charting Tool for creating Flowcharts, Wireframe Diagrams, UML Diagrams for blueprint drawings, Network Layout Diagrams, Site Maps for website planning, Organization Charts, and even iPhone Mockups for Programming.  Lucidchart even offers a collaboration feature that allows to users to work on the same diagram.

Lucid offers several pricing levels including a free option that is comparable to the feature found in Microsoft’s Visio.  Click here to give it a try.

January 27

Present.ly – A Private Microblogging Site.

Are you looking for an option for collaborating with co-workers using a microblogging site similar to Twitter, but want privacy that you cannot get on a open social network?  Check out Present.ly.  Present.ly allows organizations to collaborate in real-time, share documents, and communicate via mobile devices without the entire online world seeing what you are doing.

Check it out here.

August 10

Online Timeline Creation Tool

Xtimeline is an online tool for creating interactive timelines. 

Sign up is free and quick. 

After creating my account, I was able to quickly begin creating my first timeline.  I chose a title and URL for the online timeline.  Adding events with associated graphics was as easy as clicking on the add events button and browsing for a photo.  Completed timelines can be embedded on a web page or shared with others. 

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July 31

Flexbook looks to help make textbook materials more affordable.

Are you interested in free textbooks? Flexbooks may just help stir the waters of the expensive course material domain.  Flexbooks are basically open source textbooks. Flexbooks are part of an initiative by the CK-12 Foundation to help lower the cost of textbook materials.  The CK-12 Foundation has partnered with several experts from education and the tech industry to create a website and system that should be around for a while. 


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July 29

So, you want to be a writer? Check out Webook.

Webook.com is a website where just about anyone can have a book published online.  On Webook, you can write your own material, rate others’ materials, and collaborate on group projects.  If Webook chooses your book to be published, you receive 50% royalties of the profits from the sales of  your book. 

I have just started a project.  As I have time, I intend to write a short How-to manual and see how the experience goes.


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June 17

Wallwisher – Online Notice Board Maker

Wallwisher.com is a great site for creating an online bulletin board.  Boards can easily be created by posting sticky text notices, photos, weblinks, and more.  Creators of the wall can either keep their wall private (for todo lists and personal notes) or invite others to view and collaborate with the wall by posting their own sticky notes.

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May 9

Apps I Love … Evernote

As part of my "almost" paperless classroom project, I have been using Evernote for a couple of years.  About a year ago, I had been deciding between Evernote or Microsoft’s OneNote for my preferred note taking application.  I had been leaning towards OneNote for my personal notes.  I love how OneNote will record audio and help link the audio recordings to notes.  I also love OneNote’s interface with the side-tabs and drag and drop capturing of work.

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