May 7

A Crowdfunded Plan for a 3D Printer in Every School

Makerbot has a plan to use crowdfunding to get a 3D printer into every school.

3D Printing is taking off.  However, while 3D Printers have gradually been coming down in price, they are still cost prohibitive for most school (and school systems).  With Makerbot’s Crowdfunding initiative, perhaps this may change.

3D Printing can be used in wide range of areas within schools.  Teachers and Students in just about any subject area can find clever ways to use 3D printed models in the classroom.  If you are interested in applying for a crowdfunded 3D printer, check out Makerbot’s link on

For more information on 3D Printing, check out these links …

March 29

Cool Project Idea – Make a Customized Operation Game

I’m always looking for interesting hands-on projects to use for engaging my students.  I ran across this page at about making your own customized Operation game.  The project requires the use of several tools that are not readily available in my classroom and probably not available in most, but finding someone to loan the tools might be a viable option.

I can see this type of project working in several subject areas.  Here is an example of how far a little creativity can take this idea.

March 27

Online Fake Newspaper Creator

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 11.52.53 PM

This cool web app will let you create a fake newspaper with a photo, tagline, and article.  The app then fills in the rest of the newspaper with misc items to complete the fake newspaper.

Teachers can use it to highlight student achievements or students can use it as part of their projects.

The service comes in free and premium versions.  The free version offers enough options to cover most classroom uses.  The fake paper is created as a downloadable PDF.

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February 6

Real-Time Collaborative Diagram Creation


Cacoo is a web-based diagram drawing tool that allows real-time collaboration for three simultaneous users with their free account.  The offer a paid account with more features and more users.

If you are looking for an easy to use diagram drawing tool that allows real-time editing from multiple users, check out Cacoo here.


February 2

LucidChart – Online Flow Charting Tool


Lucidchart is a web-based Charting Tool for creating Flowcharts, Wireframe Diagrams, UML Diagrams for blueprint drawings, Network Layout Diagrams, Site Maps for website planning, Organization Charts, and even iPhone Mockups for Programming.  Lucidchart even offers a collaboration feature that allows to users to work on the same diagram.

Lucid offers several pricing levels including a free option that is comparable to the feature found in Microsoft’s Visio.  Click here to give it a try.

November 30

Great 3D Modeling Software for free – Sculptris

Sculptris is a free, fun piece of software that lets anyone easily create a 3D model.  Playing around with Sculptris is like being given a virtual lump of clay to create whatever you can imagine.  Sculptris is incredibly easy to use.  Within 5 minutes of trying it out, I was creating all sorts of shapes, faces, and creatures. 

Sculptris’ easy-to-use tools plus the many Youtube tutorials will help you quickly get started towards making your first 3D model masterpiece.

The program runs without installation, so you can try it out without worrying about having to install yet another program.

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November 21

Google is Kicking off another Coding Contest

Google’s Code-In 2010 Contest kicks off tomorrow (November 22, 2010).  The contest is aimed at high school students.  The contest will challenge the participants in areas such as Working with Open Source Code, Writing Documentation and Training Materials, and Researching the Needs of Participating Organizations.

The tasks outlined by Google include …

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July 29

So, you want to be a writer? Check out Webook. is a website where just about anyone can have a book published online.  On Webook, you can write your own material, rate others’ materials, and collaborate on group projects.  If Webook chooses your book to be published, you receive 50% royalties of the profits from the sales of  your book. 

I have just started a project.  As I have time, I intend to write a short How-to manual and see how the experience goes.


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