November 29

Grrrr…The Latest WordPress Update Broke my Offline Blog Editing

Generally, I use either Microsoft’s Live Writer or the Firefox Scribefire plug-in for my writing my blog posts.  Yesterday, I upgraded my WordPress installation.  The upgrade went smoothly on the website, but my offline blog editors no longer work properly.  Entries I created with Windows Live Writer and Scribefire are not inserting images properly and add garbage code to my posts.  So, for now, I am back to editing my posts through WordPress’ adminstration screens. <sigh>

November 28

Site Updates

My hectic shedule this semester has kept me so busy that I have not had time to devote to this blog.  Hopefully, I will have a little more time over the next few weeks.  I plan on getting back on track with this site and adding a few new features as well.

September 25



RocketDock is an innovative menu tool for Windows.  Once installed, your version of Windows will have a smooth, animated application launcher.  Applications can be minimized to the Dock and Vista users will see animated previews of apps residing in the dock.

Check out more details here.

July 30

CUIL New Search Engine Off to a Rough Start

The new search engine, CUIL, is off to a rough start.  After debuting 2 days ago, numerous tech blogs and publications have panned CUIL’s reliability (several complained about the site being unavailable), its layout (in more of a publication layout with columns than typical vertical lists of other popular search engines), its name, and its results from searches. 

I have not had any problems getting to the website.  So availability has not been an issue with me.

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July 27

Updated Our Categories

After looking over the mess of categories, I have decided to clean them up.  I have streamlined most of the categories and edited the current posts to reflect the new category list.

July 25

My list of Topics keeps growing

Over the past few days, I thought I was making a dent in the amount of posts I need to make to clear all of the older topics off my todo list.  Then, today, I just added 20 more items that I think I need to cover in the next couple of weeks.  I guess that is the problem with blogging about tech stuff.  There is never a shortage of things to discuss when technology is involved.

July 25

Moodle – Online Learning Management System

If you are looking for an option to host your classroom lessons, presentations, projects, assignments, and quizzes online, consider the Open Source (ie: FREE) Moodle Learning Management System (LMS).  Moodle is a very powerful and customizable LMS that supports one course with 30 students or 19,000 courses with over 41,000 students (E-learning na VUT v Brně).

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July 7

First Post

Welcome to the EduTech Bits and Bytes Technology 4 Teaching Blog.

My first few posts will not be covering any new tech items.  Instead, I will be covering various tech items I have used over the past two years.

The first topic to discuss is blogging.  Since you are reading this, you are probably already aware of blogging.  However, in case you just found this post by accident or random search engine surfing, I will give a brief overview of blogging.

A blog is basically an online journal used to communicate your ideas, information, opinions, etc. to others.

If you want to start blogging, you have several free options.  These include using blog hosting sites…

  • Windows Live Spaces
  • LiveJournal
  • Dozens of others

Each of the above Blog Hosts have fairly easy setup steps which will allow you to begin blogging within a few minutes.

Another option is to use hosted webspace along with a purchased domain name.  Then install blogging software on your webspace. offers free blogging software.

Which option should you use?  This will vary.  For most people, the best option is to use a service, such as  Let the hosting services do most of the work for you with no out of pocket costs.  However, if you are web development savvy, want your own domain name, want more control over the look & feel of your blog, and do not mind paying for your space & domain name, then hosting your own blog is for you.

On a personal note, I use for some items (such as the original version of this blog) and use purchased webspace for my classroom web sites and this new site.