November 21

The Google Liquid Galaxy

In keeping with my Google-themed posts for today, here is some info on Google’s Liquid Galaxy Project.

Google engineers have combined their Google Earth Package with 8 High Definition monitors to deliver a stunning experience where the user steps inside a chamber of monitors and is fully immersed into the Google Earth Experience.

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August 8

Easily Dual Install Ubuntu on a Win XP Machine

I use Windows XP in most of my lessons.  However, my students do occasionally use Linux (usually Ubuntu or Fedora) as part of their lessons.  In the past, I have had a couple of dedicated Ubuntu computers for the students to use when they needed to work with Linux.  I did not like having those computers sitting idle most of the time.  I had tried using dual boot options when installing Ubuntu, but I did not like the complexity of the steps.  Mostly due to my own fault, my dual-boot installations always had something that did not go just right.  I don’t have to worry about this with Wubi.

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April 24

Ubuntu 9.04 is out

Ubuntu 9.04 is out and looks better than ever.  I am in the process of installing it and setting up a Virtual Machine for Windows XP.  As I have time to complete this project, I will post more details.

If you are unsure what Ubuntu is, go here.  One day, I plan on writing an article about Ubuntu (just don’t know when).