April 28

Zembly – Create Web Widgets and Social Network Apps

Zembly is an interesting website that lets you create widgets for websites and simple applications for social networks like Facebook(news tickers, polls, etc).  Zembly is free and has several templates to help you get started.  After taking a few minutes to look around their site, it looks like you can have a widget up and running within a few minutes by using their templates.  Check it out here.

November 28

Google shutting down their Virtual Environment

A while back, I made a note to blog about Google’s Virtual Environment system … Lively. I downloaded and played around with Lively after it was introduced in July 2008.  I never got around to blogging about it, because Lively seemed rather slow and boring when I tried it out.  I had thought that Lively could be useful as an educational and informational resource / tool.  Continue reading

July 28

Cuil – New Search Engine Goes Online Today

A former Google engineer has started a brand new search engine.  Anna Patterson has created the CUIL (pronounced “Cool”) search engine.  The CUIL search engine went online today with an index of over 120 billion pages.  Patterson has a pretty good track record with search engines.  She created a 30 million page index at archive.org, which lead to her being hired by Google.

Continue reading