February 2

LucidChart – Online Flow Charting Tool


Lucidchart is a web-based Charting Tool for creating Flowcharts, Wireframe Diagrams, UML Diagrams for blueprint drawings, Network Layout Diagrams, Site Maps for website planning, Organization Charts, and even iPhone Mockups for Programming.  Lucidchart even offers a collaboration feature that allows to users to work on the same diagram.

Lucid offers several pricing levels including a free option that is comparable to the feature found in Microsoft’s Visio.  Click here to give it a try.

January 27

Present.ly – A Private Microblogging Site.

Are you looking for an option for collaborating with co-workers using a microblogging site similar to Twitter, but want privacy that you cannot get on a open social network?  Check out Present.ly.  Present.ly allows organizations to collaborate in real-time, share documents, and communicate via mobile devices without the entire online world seeing what you are doing.

Check it out here.

May 9

Apps I Love … Evernote

As part of my "almost" paperless classroom project, I have been using Evernote for a couple of years.  About a year ago, I had been deciding between Evernote or Microsoft’s OneNote for my preferred note taking application.  I had been leaning towards OneNote for my personal notes.  I love how OneNote will record audio and help link the audio recordings to notes.  I also love OneNote’s interface with the side-tabs and drag and drop capturing of work.

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December 20

Another Online Office Suite Solution

Over the years, several free alternatives to Microsoft’s Office Suite have come on the scene.  We have great computer-based applications, such as OpenOffice, and we have online options like Google Documents.  Zoho is another online-based alternative to MS Office.

Zoho currently contains online options for Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Notes, Wiki, and email.  So far, I have only used their Presentation App, Zoho Show.  Zoho Show allows you to either create a presentation online or upload an existing Powerpoint presentation.  Once your presentation is published, you then have the option of sharing it with others.

September 25



RocketDock is an innovative menu tool for Windows.  Once installed, your version of Windows will have a smooth, animated application launcher.  Applications can be minimized to the Dock and Vista users will see animated previews of apps residing in the dock.

Check out more details here.

August 24

Paperless Classroom

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been collecting a list of apps / tools to use for my almost Paperless Classroom.  Due to numerous online issues, it is not practical to attempt a complete paperless solution.  I have already had one day during the two-week old school year with no working internet in my classroom.  I have also run into a few snags where web-based applications either are blocked at school or do not function properly at school due to my districts handling of some secure server connections (SSL / https pages).  Therefore, I am aiming for a 90% Paperless Classroom.  Last year, I achieved about a 50% paperless classroom. 

I will publish my list soon.  I am still working on getting a few apps working properly.