June 30

Microsoft’s Basic (and Free) Antivirus Application

This month, Microsoft released the Beta version of their Security Essentials Antivirus program.  It runs on Windows XP and Vista.

Security Essentials has a basic and clean interface that should not intimidate the novice pc user. 

Overall, I have been pleased with Security Essentials.  Of the two older XP based PCs I have tried out with Security Essentials, neither has had any noticeable slowdown.  

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May 9

Apps I Love … Evernote

As part of my "almost" paperless classroom project, I have been using Evernote for a couple of years.  About a year ago, I had been deciding between Evernote or Microsoft’s OneNote for my preferred note taking application.  I had been leaning towards OneNote for my personal notes.  I love how OneNote will record audio and help link the audio recordings to notes.  I also love OneNote’s interface with the side-tabs and drag and drop capturing of work.

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November 29

Free Image Resizer



With the megapixels in cameras continuously increasing, I often have the need to resize a lot of my images for use on the web or in presentations.  Rather than using PaintshopPro or GIMP, I usually use PixResizer for quick image resizing.

PixResizer is a free application that does a simple task very well.  Thus saving me a lot of time.  With PixResizer, I can resize an entire folder of 200 photos and even save them in a new file format in just a few minutes.  This has become of the my staple applications I use almost daily.

September 25



RocketDock is an innovative menu tool for Windows.  Once installed, your version of Windows will have a smooth, animated application launcher.  Applications can be minimized to the Dock and Vista users will see animated previews of apps residing in the dock.

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