April 29

My favorite Video Editing Software

I do a lot of video editing on the computer.  For simple tasks, I will use Windows’ Movie Maker.  It is included with XP and Vista, and it does a decent job for basic editing.  For more advanced editing, I like to use Cyberlink’s Power Director.  Power Director is one of the few multimedi commercial apps that I use on a regular basis.  With Power Director, I get over 100 types of transitions effects between clips, over 70 video effects, picture in picture video and images, multiple audio tracks, multiple video output options (ranging from MPEG II to YouTube), DVD Authoring, Slideshow Wizards, and various import options (from Camcorder / webcams to DVDs).  Click here to see a full list from Cyberlink’s Website.  If you are looking for more features than Windows Movie Maker, I definitely recommend checking out Power Director.

April 28

Viddix – Mix Video with Presentation Timelines

I ran across Viddix.com recently.  Its a little hard to describe.  Basically, you can upload a video to Viddix.  Then you can add a timeline of information to play during the video. The timeline can contain text, images, RSS feeds, html code, polls, and web links.  I can see where this resource can be extremely useful for teachers who film their lectures and demonstrations.  For example, if I am filming a demonstration of graphic editing a photo, I could use screencasting software to capture the steps in to a video, then add detailed notes about how and why a particular tool affects the image.  I also really like the option to add a poll in the timeline.

Below is a very quick and simple example of what you can do?

April 28

Share your presentations online

If you need to share your presentations online, you have several options.  Here is a short list of the ones I have used…

There are dozens of others, but these are the ones that I have actually tried out.  Currently my to favorites are Slideshare.net and Zoho’s Show.  I just spent a few minutes playing with Prezi.com.  It actually takes a different approach to presentations.  I don’t have a lot of time right now to experiment with it, but it is definitely a page I am addint to my Social Bookmarks.

December 20

Another Online Office Suite Solution

Over the years, several free alternatives to Microsoft’s Office Suite have come on the scene.  We have great computer-based applications, such as OpenOffice, and we have online options like Google Documents.  Zoho is another online-based alternative to MS Office.

Zoho currently contains online options for Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Notes, Wiki, and email.  So far, I have only used their Presentation App, Zoho Show.  Zoho Show allows you to either create a presentation online or upload an existing Powerpoint presentation.  Once your presentation is published, you then have the option of sharing it with others.

November 29

Free Image Resizer



With the megapixels in cameras continuously increasing, I often have the need to resize a lot of my images for use on the web or in presentations.  Rather than using PaintshopPro or GIMP, I usually use PixResizer for quick image resizing.

PixResizer is a free application that does a simple task very well.  Thus saving me a lot of time.  With PixResizer, I can resize an entire folder of 200 photos and even save them in a new file format in just a few minutes.  This has become of the my staple applications I use almost daily.

November 29

Windows Movie Maker for Mutlimedia Projects

This is a topic I had not considered blogging about until recently. If
you are looking for an easy and free video editing application, Windows
Movie Maker (WMM) is a great choice for beginners.  With more and more
students using multimedia in projects, WMM is perfect for quick and
easy video editing.  With WMM, you can create video clips instead of
the same ‘ole Powerpoint slideshow. You can import AVI and WMV video
clips, MP3 and WAV audio files, and most popular graphic file formats.
WMM has a basic library of video video transition and effects.  In
addition, you have several options for creating titles or credits.br /br /WMM
does not have an extensive list of formats for saving your final
video.  However, the thing to remember is that it is free for Windows
XP and Vista users.  Once you have graduated to requiring a more
full-featured application, there are plenty of affordable video editors
on the market, such as Cyberlink’s Power Director.

October 27

Create Unique Slideshows with a Kick

Tired of the plain old boring photo slideshows?  Try Animoto.com.

From Animoto’s Website …

“Animoto is a web application that produces MTV-style videos using the images and music you choose. Produced in a widescreen format, Animoto videos have the visual energy of a music video and the emotional impact of a movie trailer. Best of all, no two videos are ever the same. Ever.”

I have created several slideshows using Animoto.  Their website does 98% of the work for you.  All you have to do is:

  1. Gather your images
  2. Upload your images
  3. Arrange the images
  4. Add music (your own or use music provided on their site)
  5. Compile
  6. Download the slideshow, email it to someone, or embed on your site.

Animoto does the rest by analyzing the music and images to put together a very unique slideshow.

September 30

Online Presentations – 280 Slides

pIf you are looking for a easy to use and FREE online presentation option for creating, editing, and sharing your Powerpoint slideshows, check out 280 Slides./p p280 Slides allows you to create an online slideshow from scratch using their web-based interface.#160; You also have an option of importing existing Powerpoint slideshows into your 280 Slides Account.#160; Once you have finished editing / creating your slideshows, you have a variety of options for sharing the slideshow via the internet.#160; Another option I love about 280 Slides is the ability to save your slideshows as Powerpoint 2003, Powerpoint 2007, and Open Office Impress files to your computer.#160; This is particularly beneficial for students who create their presentations, but may not have access to internet-connected PCs when presenting their slideshow.#160; This is also beneficial to those who do not like trusting the quot;cloudquot; for storing all of their files./p

July 28

Use your Cell Phone as a Presentation Controller

Last month I finally updated my old cell phone that was beat up, scratched, and locked up once a day with a Sony Ericsson w580i (Walkman).  The phone is a sleek “slider” model.  Students who have seen me with it have congratulated me on finally upgrading my old phone.

So far, I have enjoyed the upgrade.  The phone comes with a USB sync cable, and the synchronization software (for Outlook) is also free.  Two items that other manufacturers have notoriously charged a ridiculously high amount for their phones.  As nice as those features are, my favorite feature is the option to use the phone as a bluetooth remote control on my PC.  With a USB bluetooth adapter, I am able to connect with my laptop and control the mouse.  This works very well with presentation software like Powerpoint.

Bluetooth adapters cost around $30, but wireless presentation remotes cost around $50.  So, if you have to buy a bluetooth USB adapter, you still come out ahead than buying a wireless presentation remote.

I have tried out three bluetooth adapters on my computers.  D-Link and Jabra adapters work well.  The I-O Gear adapter did not work well with the w850i.