May 7 is Closing has announced that they will be closing up on June 30, 2014.

From their blog post, it looks like Verizon has decided to stop funding for  That’s too bad, was a good repository of resources from Kindergarten through 12th Grade.  In their announcement, they have listed several of their content partners who provided many of their resources. In addition, their updated FAQ section suggests saving information and your favorite Thinkfinity pages as PDF’s for use later on.  After June 30, 2014 most of the content on their site will be gone. Unfortunately, this is one of the risks of using “free” content sites.

May 7

Google is looking at getting into the Classroom

Today, Google announced their Google Classroom LMS.  Its still very early and not much information exists about Google’s entry into the Learning Management System neighborhood.  They do have some details about signing up for their Beta test and an assurance that Google will not be placing ads into their LMS.  Click here for more information from Google’s Blog.

It will be interesting to see how Google Classroom affects the established LMS’s such as Moodle, Instructure, and Edmodo.

March 26

Geddit – Formative Assessment Tool


Geddit is a new web based tool for getting feedback from students a for performing formative assessments during lessons. Students can use any web enabled device from classroom computers / laptops to tablets & phones.

Check out Geddit here. Be sure to run through the online demo lesson to get a good understanding of how their system works.

November 21

Google is Kicking off another Coding Contest

Google’s Code-In 2010 Contest kicks off tomorrow (November 22, 2010).  The contest is aimed at high school students.  The contest will challenge the participants in areas such as Working with Open Source Code, Writing Documentation and Training Materials, and Researching the Needs of Participating Organizations.

The tasks outlined by Google include …

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August 10

Hear Foreign Languages Spoken by their Native Speakers

Forvo is a great resource for teaching foreign languages.  Their website contains audio files of words and phrases spoken in 221 languages.  The number of words varies with each language.  Currently, Forvo has 22 Mongolian words, 23,000 German words, and 17,000 Spanish words.  Each language has a RSS feed of pending new words.  So you can subscribe to a Language Feed to keep up with new additions.

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August 5

Free Moodle Hosting

These past weeks, I have talked to several people inquiring about using Moodle.  This summer, I attended a conference where the facilitator of a workshop attempted to sell people on the benefits of Moodle (although he never really explained what Moodle was & implied that it was an app you run from your local hard drive like MS Office).  Anyway, some school systems around here are actually getting on board with Moodle.  It looks like word is finally getting out about this free LMS (Learning Management System).  If you are not familiar with Moodle, check out this earlier T4T post.

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June 17

Wallwisher – Online Notice Board Maker is a great site for creating an online bulletin board.  Boards can easily be created by posting sticky text notices, photos, weblinks, and more.  Creators of the wall can either keep their wall private (for todo lists and personal notes) or invite others to view and collaborate with the wall by posting their own sticky notes.

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May 10

Online Accounting Tool – is currently offering free, online accounting for small businesses. Outright started out under the name GoBootstrap a little over a year ago.  In February, they received new venture capital funding and re-launched as

The site uses 5 Tabs (Home, Income, Expenses, Taxes, and Reports) to keep the interface simple and uncluttered with a running profit total in the corner.  The creators of have backgrounds in developing for Quicken and Quickbooks, which can be seen in the clear cut design of the data entry.

Outright’s current Terms of Service does not contain any language that would prohibit students using the site as an educational tool.  As long as the service is free, I think this could be a great tool for business classes.

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