March 29

Cool Project Idea – Make a Customized Operation Game

I’m always looking for interesting hands-on projects to use for engaging my students.  I ran across this page at about making your own customized Operation game.  The project requires the use of several tools that are not readily available in my classroom and probably not available in most, but finding someone to loan the tools might be a viable option.

I can see this type of project working in several subject areas.  Here is an example of how far a little creativity can take this idea.

November 21

The Google Liquid Galaxy

In keeping with my Google-themed posts for today, here is some info on Google’s Liquid Galaxy Project.

Google engineers have combined their Google Earth Package with 8 High Definition monitors to deliver a stunning experience where the user steps inside a chamber of monitors and is fully immersed into the Google Earth Experience.

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July 28

Common Craft – Making the Complex Stuff Easy

One of my favorite sites ( for tutorials and information has unveiled their new store.  If you have not seen any of Common Craft’s videos, be sure to check them out.  They do an amazing job at providing simple, but informative presentations of complex topics.  To open their new store, they just made a new video explaining their licensing agreements.